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(untitled) by spockezri (untitled) :iconspockezri:spockezri 4 0 Eye by spockezri Eye :iconspockezri:spockezri 0 2 So, yeah. by spockezri
Mature content
So, yeah. :iconspockezri:spockezri 0 0
spectrum by spockezri spectrum :iconspockezri:spockezri 0 0 spiral by spockezri spiral :iconspockezri:spockezri 0 8 isimsiz. by spockezri isimsiz. :iconspockezri:spockezri 0 2 rosa de puntos. by spockezri rosa de puntos. :iconspockezri:spockezri 0 0 eye with stripes by spockezri eye with stripes :iconspockezri:spockezri 2 2 cover for my new piece. by spockezri cover for my new piece. :iconspockezri:spockezri 0 77
Travelling in time.  So it goes.
:iconspockezri:spockezri 3 0
never see you again.
She thinks back, go away, go...
:iconspockezri:spockezri 0 0
vestido:borroso by spockezri vestido:borroso :iconspockezri:spockezri 0 0 more graffiti. by spockezri more graffiti. :iconspockezri:spockezri 1 0 radial by spockezri radial :iconspockezri:spockezri 0 0 Shadows by spockezri Shadows :iconspockezri:spockezri 0 0 meeting by spockezri meeting :iconspockezri:spockezri 0 13


Anne-Marie Portrait by BeatusCineris Anne-Marie Portrait :iconbeatuscineris:BeatusCineris 3 2 Changing the shape of your facial features, pt 1 by Sock-Monkey-Renegade Changing the shape of your facial features, pt 1 :iconsock-monkey-renegade:Sock-Monkey-Renegade 686 90 Fresh by PianoIsLove Fresh :iconpianoislove:PianoIsLove 2 0
Broken Record Player
Why is my mind
Why is my mind
a broken record player?
…scratched record?
Why is OCD
a blunt needle?
Half the time
My anxiety
fills me with so much dread
I skip,
And forget what I’m worried about-
All I know is the nausea at the pit of my stomach,
The bile rising to my throat.
Why is my mind a broken record player?
Why do I have to
have OCD?
Haven’t I suffered enough?
…have to have OCD?
Why am I my own deejay,
Remixing my muddled, obsessive thoughts?
Why does my head constantly ache
From overthinking?
Why am I paralyzed at even
The possibility
Of making the wrong decision,
Of making any decision?
Why is my mind
Why is my mind
A broken record player?
Why is my mind a
….record player?
Why is
...a broken record player?
Why is OCD
A blunt needle?
:iconpianoislove:PianoIsLove 4 0
Alien by PianoIsLove Alien :iconpianoislove:PianoIsLove 4 0 Laguna by PianoIsLove Laguna :iconpianoislove:PianoIsLove 1 0
I opened my eyes to an arc of 72 degrees and glanced around. My form was clad in a white hospital gown, and the bed was equally colorless and sterile. I looked out at my feet- the first time I'd ever seen them. I wiggled my toes and beamed.
"Good morning, miss Eileen." A tall man in a pristine lab coat and black-rimmed glasses smiled at me. It was the first time I'd ever seen him, too, but I already knew his name. Yes, deeply ingrained in my programmed memory, I knew it. Alexianos. My creator.
I returned the expression, curving my lips in a 298-degree arc. "Good morning, Alexianos."
His face betrayed his surprise, and that I understood, too. In my coding, he let me know that he'd been working on me for three years, now. Though my memory had been wiped blank after all the trials, I understood that he was thrilled; he'd created life.
It's hard to explain what exactly of me is human and what is not.
:iconpianoislove:PianoIsLove 2 3
Second star to the right
There are days where she
forgets how to fly;
wings all tangled up in
misguided heartstrings.
"There is nothing wrong with me,"
she insists,
"Nothing at all.
I just can't seem to
grow up."
The clock strikes
midnight -
she's nothing but
misled faith,
broken trust,
and withering pixie dust.
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 206 66
Unknown by aspinhasi Unknown :iconaspinhasi:aspinhasi 1 1 Flower Crowns PNG ZIP by NYVelvet Flower Crowns PNG ZIP :iconnyvelvet:NYVelvet 839 93 Sherlock by aspinhasi Sherlock :iconaspinhasi:aspinhasi 3 0 The happy Prince - Angel by Gothikichigo The happy Prince - Angel :icongothikichigo:Gothikichigo 7 1 The Happy Prince - opens the dance by Gothikichigo The Happy Prince - opens the dance :icongothikichigo:Gothikichigo 4 2 The Happy Prince by Gothikichigo The Happy Prince :icongothikichigo:Gothikichigo 5 0 The Happy Prince and Swallow by Gothikichigo The Happy Prince and Swallow :icongothikichigo:Gothikichigo 22 2 The Picture of Dorian Gray by SvbwayShayla The Picture of Dorian Gray :iconsvbwayshayla:SvbwayShayla 5 0



Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hello! I'm 20 and I use ne/nem/nirs or he/him/his pronouns. Visual art is not my strong point, I'm better at composing, really.
About me more:
I love languages. And composers. And Oscar Wilde and Kurt Vonnegut and Victor Hugo and epic poems. I'm going to be a classics and biology major. I'm a bit of an aesthete <3

edit: I'm still a classicist/philosopher at heart, really, but I'm just a biology major. Talk to me about botany or cute pollinator insects!!
edit 2: okay so maybe there's a chance I cry about Roman poets all day, every day

Current Residence: My mind. But also, Oberlin, Ohio.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XS
Print preference: I dunno.
Favourite genre of music: Atonal
Favourite photographer: I'm not sure.
Favourite style of art: Surrealism. <- I wrote this back in the day and I still. Yes, but. Romanticism / Greek and Roman things / Pre-Raphaelites.
also if you ever want to talk about Homer or Augustan poets or Lucretius, you know where to find me.
Operating System: Windows, thankfully XD
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano (turquoise, if you really must know)
Shell of choice: I really like conch shells. Lovely, truly.
Wallpaper of choice: Currently, the Apotheosis of Homer.
Skin of choice: My current human one?
Favourite cartoon character: Garnet or Pearl from Steven Universe~
Personal Quote: Great art presupposes the alert mind of the educated listener ~Arnold Schoenberg
also I'm very fond of Nisus' quote in book 9 of the Aeneid "Euryalus, is it / the gods who put this fire in our minds, / or is it that each man's relentless longing / becomes a god to him?"
Existentialism is not a defeatist, suicidal philosophy, which is how so many people view it.  If you'll listen, you'll see it's actually a life-affirming, individuality-affirming one.
Yes, we do believe that there is not inherent meaning in life.  No meaning, no truths are given to us, are absolute, are definite.  However, the absence of a defined and universal truth or meaning does not mean that we can't ever have any.
Create your own truth, as you are an individual with your own perceptions, your own feelings.
Create your meaning in an otherwise meaningless world.  No one can do this for you.  It is your personal meaning, you have your own that is not defined by anyone else.
Society can only hamper you from finding yourself.  Society and the pursuit of intrinsically worthless things like money or possessions are not how you will make yourself a more complete person, which, to reiterate, can only come from within yourself.
You are your own master.  The world does not and cannot define you as you.  Predefined belief systems cannot tell you the real truth for you as yourself, since there really is no absolute truth for all mankind.  There is a truth for you, a reality and meaning for you based off who you are and believe yourself to be, your perceptions.  
Everything must start with the individual.  Every thought, truth, meaning, or belief is all from her.  We can't fall back on morals or even on science to understand her.  We need to focus on her and who she is as a person to comprehend her.

I realise I've only barely scratched the surface of this philosophy.  If you have more specific questions, please ask me, and if you'd like to read more, I can recommend you some books.


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